Peace of Mind Services: Help support needy families

Peace of Mind Services: Help support needy families

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Baltimore, MD
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We help support women, children and needy families in Baltimore City.
We are in need of food, clothes, toys, school supplies, office supplies, montary donations, car, boat, trucks,RV, property and etc. We need anything of value to help support needy families.
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Peace of Mind Services was birthed March 2009 to provide mentoring to at risk youth. We have realize that most of our children are living in poverty, and that's the reason they are having problems. We than knew we had to help support needy families. Helping needy families with just the basis even can make a huge impact and since have been helping needy families with clothes, food, toy, school supplies and etc. For more information about Peace of Mind Services and programs we offer to needy families, please visit our website at Thank you in advance for all your support and look forward to saving many lives. Blessings, Nichelle Henson (Executive Director)
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Please help support needy families in baltimore with food, clothes, toys, school supplies and etc.

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